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Post-Construction Cleaning Services

For post-renovation and post-construction cleaning needs in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), Star Cleaning Services has got you covered! 


Through 20 years of experience working with construction and renovation companies, our team has built up the equipment and expertise necessary to handle even the most daunting post-construction cleanup projects at commercial, industrial or residential job sites.  


Our fully insured and bonded teams of reliable and professional cleaners work with safety and efficiency in mind, and they will make sure that the job gets done right, the first time. 

Post-construction clean up projects can be hazardous and difficult, which is why our team of professional cleaning specialists receive workplace hazardous materials information system (WHMIS) training.

Post-Construction Cleaning Services 

  • Dust removal from hard-to-reach areas (exposed ceiling pipes, vents, light fixtures, etc.)

  • Surface cleaning (stain, dirt and dust removal)

  • Vanilla box cleaning

  • Concrete floors

  • Floor cleaning, waxing, and buffing

  • Carpet cleaning

  • Window cleaning

Dust Removal from Hard-to-Reach Areas

In post-construction and post-renovation cleaning projects, removing dust and debris from hard-to-reach areas of the building is a fundamentally important but difficult task. 


Even small house renovation projects can leave areas like vents and light fixtures full of unsightly and hazardous dust. Our cleaning service goes the extra mile when it comes to handle these tasks, paying particular attention to out-of-sight areas where dust collects.

Surface Cleaning (Stain, Dirt and Dust Removal)

Thorough post-construction cleaning involves a thorough inspection of all affected areas of the building to remove all traces of dust, debris, or stains. Our post-construction cleaning services pay close attention to the surfaces that are likely to get dirty and restore them to immaculate condition.

Floor Cleaning, Waxing, and Buffing

The protective footwear worn by construction workers and renovators can make a horrible mess of even high-quality flooring during a renovation or construction project. A floor in bad condition is an eyesore that will undermine the final look of any renovation project. 


If your house or business has vinyl or ceramic flooring, the Star Cleaning team will remove any traces of your renovation or construction project and make sure that they gleam with a durable finish. 


Our cleaners use only the best quality products, applied with great care and attention to detail, to make your floors look as good as new.

Carpet Cleaning

Residential and commercial renovation projects can leave carpeted areas with deeply embedded dust and dirt. At Star Cleaning Services, we use environmentally-friendly carpet cleaning machinery and techniques to deliver the best possible results. 


We offer various carpet and upholstery cleaning methods, including steam cleaning and spot removal. These techniques use extremely hot water to help release dirt and stains from carpet fibers, so they can be easily removed.

Window Cleaning

We offer interior and exterior window cleaning services for residential, commercial and industrial buildings of up to two storeys. Following any renovation or construction project, the windows always show signs of dirt and dust. We make sure that all screens, sills and window tracks are spotlessly clean so that your windows look and function their best.


For Post-Construction Cleaning, Toronto Trusts Star Cleaning

Star Cleaning Services provides affordable and professional post-construction cleaning services throughout the greater Toronto area. Our top priority is to ensure the best quality for you that meet your standards and expectations according to your needs and your budget.


Our specialized staff is available to service you 24 hours / 7 days a week, and is able to deal with any kind of work no matter the difficulty or the size. We welcome last-minute calls or unexpected cleaning needs, our cleaning service is always happy to rise to the task at hand.


Serving Customers Throughout Toronto

Star Cleaning Services is the commercial cleaning company of choice for business owners throughout the Greater Toronto Area. We serve customers in the following communities:

Toronto . Vaughan . Richmond Hill . Ajax . Maple . Mississauga . Woodbridge . Stouffville . Milton . Markham . Oshawa 
Concord . Thornhill . North York . Oakville . Aurora . Brampton . Scarborough . Newmarket . Etobicoke . Pickering