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An Insight into School and Daycare Cleaning

Updated: Mar 30, 2021

Proper school and daycare cleaning and disinfection helps in reducing the spread of infectious diseases in the present pandemic situation and protects students as well as staff. The aim of cleaning service providers is to clean as well as disinfect all the objects and surfaces to provide a germ-free environment in educational institutions.

Apart from preventing illnesses from spreading, regular cleaning and disinfection will provide assurance to prospective parents that their wards will be safe at the school.

Professional Cleaning of Schools and Daycare Centers

Experts make use of hospital grade cleaning products and equipment to ensure maximum efficacy of their cleaning procedures and adherence to strict standards. Professional cleaning service providers pay special attention to cleaning and disinfection high touch points such as doorknobs, elevator buttons, drinking fountains, sink handles, playground equipment, handrails, countertops, etc.

Thorough clean-up of educational institutions is a two-step process, which consists of cleaning followed by adequate disinfection. Let us look at the details in this section.

Step #1: Proper Cleaning

Proper cleaning helps in physically removing debris and organic as well as inorganic waste from all surfaces. As such, professionals carry out cleaning using detergent or soap and water for removing such waste, which consists of fecal matter, bodily fluids, food material, and soil. These residues are rinsed off before disinfection process is carried out since technicians are aware of the fact that presence of residues can neutralize certain disinfectants.

Step #2: Thorough Disinfection

The next step consists of thorough disinfection and helps in complete removal or inactivation of microorganisms present over different surfaces. Professional cleaners also ensure that the disinfectant remains on the surface for given dwell time to provide effective results. Experts also closely follow the instructions mentioned on the product regarding its suggested dilution level and ideal contact time.

Experienced cleaning experts stay away from mixing cleaning products with disinfectants since such action can have unwanted and harmful results. For instance, if ammonia is mixed with chlorine bleach then it can create problems such as irritation in eyes, throat, or result in breathing problems. In addition, experts also make sure the location where disinfectant application is being carried out is well ventilated during such application.

In case a bleach solution is made instead of a disinfectant product then cleaning professionals ensure that it is not older than twenty-four hours since the solution loses its effectiveness after this duration. Additionally, experts make sure that nobody is present at the location where disinfection is being performed.

Few of the alternatives to bleach solution used by experts, that are less toxic include:

  • Disinfectants with active ingredients such as accelerated hydrogen peroxide to disinfect non-porous and hard surfaces.

  • Bleach free and ready to use solutions that can be used for sanitization of food contact surfaces.

A Final Note

To conclude it can be said that cleaning and disinfection of schools and daycare facilities is an important and critical task, which only experts have needed competency to perform in right manner.

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