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Avoid Salt Stains on Commercial Carpets

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Ice melting products such as rock salts make using the driveway and exiting or entering your home easier. But it is also true that these products tend to be very abrasive and when tracked in, can result in salt stains over your carpet as well as seriously damaging it.

Here, we will be sharing some useful tips on how to avoid salt stains and damage to your commercial carpets.

Useful Tips on Avoiding Salt Stains and Damage to Commercial Carpets

Use Mats | Consider Alternative Techniques | Vacuum Regularly | Clear Snow Frequently

Use Mats

An effective means of keeping salt stains from reaching your commercial carpet consists of using walk off mats. By keeping mats at the exterior entrance as well as the entryway you will be able to constrain amount of ice salt that gets tracked inside.

You have several types of mats to choose from such as scrapper or rubberized mats and heated mats. Apart from reducing rock salt from reaching your commercial carpets, these mats will also lower the amount of dirt that reaches your carpets and as such, reduce the time and money spent on frequent cleaning of carpets.

Consider Alternative Techniques

Salt melt is generally the preferred technique for removing snow and ice. But, because of corrosive nature of salts, you can look at other alternative techniques as well such as:

  • Potassium chloride is one type of deicer, which consists of chemicals as present in fertilizers. The benefit of using potassium chloride is that it is far less corrosive compared to salt.

  • Magnesium chloride is another alternative option, which remains effective even in -5 degree temperature conditions. But, it provides desired results for a short time period and results in creation of a slippery surface when too much of it is used. As such, it is right option for a small area instead of a whole parking lot.

  • Another option is urea, which also works in freezing temperature of up to -5 degrees and is not as corrosive as rock salt or ice melt products.

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Vacuum Regularly

Frequent vacuuming is a simple and effective technique of keeping the carpet clean and stain free. However, the aim should be to vacuum in multiple directions.

For instance, if the carpet is vacuumed in multiple directions, it will result in proper agitation of carpet fibers in all sides, facilitating proper and thorough cleaning of your commercial carpets. You should utilize a vacuum equipped with CRB or counter rotating brush to achieve best possible results.

Clear Snow Frequently

Frequent clearing snow will help in maintaining snow free walkways, lobbies, driveways, and entryways.

The result will be lesser amounts of moisture and rock salt getting in and reduce the likelihood of salt stains on your commercial carpets. In addition, you will have to use less amount of ice melt products in your parking lot, driveway, or walkway.


To conclude it can be said that there are various options available, which you can make use of and significantly reduce the amount of salt stains on your commercial ca

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